If you need advice on how to achieve the garden you want, a consultation may be all that you need. They usually take about three hours, and can cover all aspects of your garden including changing the layout, plants that will be suitable for your soil and aspect, what materials to use, and also what is feasible within your budget. You may want help with specific problems like how best to screen from being overlooked, block out ugly views, or deal with awkward levels or poor drainage.
If your garden is very large, longer consultations can be arranged and a report written if required.

A detailed survey of your garden will be needed to ensure an accurate design for use in construction. I will either carry this out myself, or arrange for a surveyor to do so. A survey will be to scale and will show levels, materials, the position of buildings and other structures, vegetation and other features, including the size and species of trees. I will also make notes on soils, drainage, prevailing winds and frost pockets, and any good or bad views.

Sketch Plan
After talking to you about what you want from your garden, and carrying out the survey, I like to draw up a sketch plan for discussion with you. This process means that ideas can be worked through and changes made easily, ensuring a satisfactory final design.

The final masterplan will show all areas of hard and soft landscaping and structures, with dimensions, levels, materials and named trees and specimen plants. This is the plan a contractor will use to build the garden.

Other Plans & Drawings
Detailed planting plans can be drawn up for all or part of the garden, along with written schedules for ordering plants. Construction drawings and written specification documents can also be provided.
Liaison with contractors and monitoring of construction may also be desirable.